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Client’s Testimonials

David Banks-Broome
David Banks-Broome - Thales Crawley - Services,Engineering & Operations

I would thoroughly commend the activity of the Dream Marketing Defence and Aerospace Technology Roadshow, for a relevant and useful way of making a large number of on-site employees aware of what current and new technology is available from selected suppliers and manufacturers. 

The selection of suppliers was a joint effort between ourselves and John Aldridge from Dream Marketing, based on our requirements and the DM line card. (DM can also suggest invitees that we might not have thought of or even been aware of.)

With Dream Marketing’s years of experience with these events, the whole process went extremely smoothly, from pre-event preparation of both parties, arrival, security, welcome on board the vehicle, processing of visitors and departure.

Many Engineers, including those who couldn’t or wouldn’t attend a trade show visited the Dream Marketing event and found the experience most worthwhile.

Hisham Awad
Hisham Awad - Ultra PALS - Head of Engineering

I was delighted to host the 2016 ADS roadshow to give our staff an opportunity to become more familiar with new technologies. Benefits included:

Giving an opportunity for those people who don’t have a chance to go to defence shows a flavour of the type of products on offer

Becoming more familiar with technologies that are on the market to see how they could be used in our products as differentiators and capability enhancements

 The event was a huge success where our engineers have identified potential new suppliers which should lead to new business.

Mr. Amos Nevo
Mr. Amos Nevo - V.P. Business Development - Foamotive

It was an excellent example of direct approach to the designers and engineers who specify materials, resources, services .

The participation in this event brought closer than ever to the heart of the companies we had tried to win over , we had presviously tried out various marketing tools including short exhibitions in Germany and the UK, one on one pre arranged meetings events, approach via internet systems such as Linked-In and Xing,  even specially organized "suppliers' days at some OEM .

To my impression the roadshow proved to be far better.

The time gap between the first encounter with a representative of potential customer to the official nomination as a supplier is long , and we do not expect immediate results, we have the list of leads that will help us to contact some interesting people who already pointed out they have an interest in our products, this is an achievement !

On personal level I would like to recommend you and your team, as you did not only organize the whole team , but you impressed me by the way you personally welcomed each and every visitors , supported us the participants, made lots of small but important things that showed how much you care about our success.

Rebecca Rubio
Rebecca Rubio - Managing Director - InterRegs Ltd.


      Following disappointing results in recent years at costly trade fairs and exhibitions, it was the unique format of the European Automotive Technology Roadshow, and the opportunity to go right to the heart of our target customers that appealed to InterRegs.  Having now completed the Roadshow, the results speak for themselves.  Our existing customers’ feedback has been very positive, they valued our participation and are already set to increase their orders.  We have also identified many valuable new contacts that we would otherwise have been unable to reach via traditional advertising and marketing.  I am delighted with the interest shown in our online regulatory information services and expect significant further return on our investment as we follow up new leads and enquiries.  I am happy to unreservedly recommend Dream Marketing and the Technology Roadshow format to others.